Ready for life to feel happier and less chaotic?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, unimportant and frustrated?

Wishing there were more meaning and happiness in your everyday life?

Feel like things are falling apart around you but you don’t know what to do?

Unsure it will ever get better but dread it all staying the same?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the needs of a child with behavior problems; a teenager dealing with anxiety and depression; or a spouse or parent struggling with drinking or using drugs? Perhaps you’re unhappy in your relationship and know you should be being treated better but don’t know how to make a change.

Therapy can help.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker  with 18 years of experience who specializes in supportive and strength based psychotherapy to help clients meet their goals.

I help people who’ve gone through rough times in their past – such as childhood abuse, domestic violence, growing up with an alcoholic parent; and people who are currently going through difficult times – challenging relationships, the stress of parenting, family members with mental illness or substance abuse issues. I am experienced in working with clients from the LGBTQ community, as well as those in non-traditional families/relationships.

My thoughts on therapy

Therapy is a joint effort between client and therapist. In my work, I look for the strengths that are a part of each of us (even if we think they aren’t there) and help you work toward meeting your goals in a supportive environment. Just as your needs and experiences are unique, I work to tailor my services to you and to help you find out what is impacting your current situation – whether it’s challenges from the past or present, and to help you move into a space of healing and growth. I want you to feel better.